USBDF Newsletter Vol 4 (2016) Coming Soon!

Welcome to the U.S. Federation of Batto Do!
The Federation was established as a means of connecting the many varied Iai groups in North America and we are the counterpart of the All Japan Battodo Federation (Zen Nihon Battodo Renmei). Our renmei is not a style, but offers a standard set of kata and tameshigiri (cutting) patterns. This allows students of different sword styles to come together in the spirit of camaraderie and friendship for summer camps and tournaments (tai kai). It is not our desire to change other styles, but rather to create a "common ground" on which different styles may meet.

What is Batto Do?
Batto Do, loosely translated, means the way of drawing and cutting with a sword in a single motion. This is the basic distinction between Batto Do and Kenjutsu, which are fighting techniques used after the sword is drawn. The terms Batto Do and Iai Do are almost interchangeable. The general distinction is Batto Do techniques are performed in a standing position, while traditional Iai Do techniques are performed from seiza, or the kneeling position.

To Learn More
Read our President's Statement as well as the Founder's Statement to learn about the goals and ideas of the Federation in the About Us page. This website also offers information about joining the Federation and the benefits of membership as well as links to the other sword groups in the US.

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