Click here for the USBDF Membership Application

The U.S. Federation of Batto Do is open to any individual, group or dojo that is committed to supporting the Federation and its ideals and goals.

Admission to the Federation is attained by completing the application form and submitting it to the Federation Membership Committee. There are two types of Federation membership: indi-vidual and dojo. The application forms to the right detail the specific requirements for Federa-tion Membership.

Individual Membership Benefits

Benefits of individual membership include:

- Ability to train at Hombu or any approved branch dojo.
- Instruction in the Shoden Seitei Kata and Chuden Seitei Kata of the Zen Nihon Batto Do Renmei.
- Instruction in Tameshigiri.
- Eligibility to compete in Federation sponsored Tai Kai.
- Dan rank testing and certification.

Membership Fee Paying by Check Paying by Paypal
Non-Ranked - $20

Ranked - $30
Make Checks payable to: U.S. Federation of Batto Do, Inc.

Mail to:
Robert Groce
153 Sanford Lane
Stamford, CT 06905

Dojo Membership Benefits

Benefits of dojo membership include:

- Certificate of Federation Membership.
- Seminars for Dojo Cho.
- Access to Federation training materal (booklets, dvd's, etc.).
- Ability to host Federation training seminars.
- Ability to host a Federation-Sponsored Tai Kai.

Dan Rank Testing: Federation members may test for dan rank when their level of training is appropriate. The appli-cation form to the right details the requirements for all ranks.


Questions regarding membership may be directed to: USFBD Membership - Robert Groce